About Us


DifferentGood is not just a cool name, DifferentGood is a philosophy penned by Marty Neumeier in his classic design thinking book; Zag.

Differentiation is the key to out-market your competitiors, but of course this should be combined with the Good product attributes your customers expect.

To become DifferentGood is to succeed.

Anthony Brewitt

Anthony Brewitt – a passionate individual with 15 years’ experience conjuring beautiful, easy-to-use, customer-driven websites.


“I expect our clients to receive the highest level of customer care, and the highest quality product”

- Anthony Brewitt, Creative Director

Why us

Happy Clients

A recent survey showed DifferentGood made 10% of clients happy, with 90% proclaiming undying love. This is because we get results and have fun with clients along the way.

Love Business

We love business – it’s a part of who we are. With the dawn of each day, we rise from bed motivated to design solutions which help business.