Content Marketing

How it works?

Content Marketing involves broadcasting regular content to a defined target audience. We do this to raise the profile of your website in the search engines and to drive profitable customer actions.

Why should I care?

Creating content your customers love, positions you on their radar. Build a dedicated online readership and:

  • Increase sales
  • Keep your website regularly updated
  • Become a trusted customer resource
  • Answer customers’ concerns & FAQs
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Encourage return visits
  • Stimulate social sharing
  • Raise brand awareness

Our Process

We work to a tried and tested process to ensure we generate the best return on investment from your content marketing budget.

1.Content Strategy

We talk with you, research and analyse, then craft your custom content strategy. This is a measurable plan of attack which:

  • Profiles your customers’ needs, desires and concerns
  • Profiles your business goals
  • Outlines top keyphrases, niches and customer vocab
  • Defines which topics and types of content will engage your customers
  • Plans social media usage
  • Creates your editorial calendar
  • Defines your success metrics

2.Monthly Package

From your Content Strategy we produce everything you need in your monthly content package, including high quality content development and distribution across social networks.

Your monthly package could be:

  • 4 x high quality SEO enhanced articles
  • 4 x high quality animated Youtube videos
  • Social Media distribution

3.Results & Review

After we’ve run your content package we’ll review your success metrics, traffic, inlinks and conversions. We’ll present your results and our recommendations, telling you what’s working and, if necessary, what needs tweaking ready for the next round of Content Marketing.

Every iteration helps us hone the Content Strategy to perfection for your customers.