Custom Web Design

Great Branding

We’ll get to know your customers and what makes them tick. Then we’ll develop a brand that appeals specifically to their needs and desires.

Add a professional polish to your website, showcase your company’s strengths and unique selling points. Make sure you look your best, leave the competition in the dust.

Mobile optimised

Your website doesn’t simply sit on a desk anymore, it’s gone mobile. Given that mobile phones and tablet devices will overtake fixed Internet access within the year, we are pleased to be leading the mobile race. We’ll give your website legs, enabling it to work seamlessly on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Social Media integration

If your customers are on social media, it makes sense for you to be there too. Integrating your social media profiles onto your website, along with Share buttons, Like buttons and Tweets makes sense. Facebook has a billion users, YouTube the second biggest search portal, Twitter is how the worlds news is announced, Linked In is the un-official Internet business directory, you need to go where your customers are.

SEO enhanced

Search Engine Optimising your website will help boost your rankings in Search Engines like Google, increasing your visibility will boost your website visitors and therefore increase your sales. We SEO enhanced a website at a code and content level to ensure that your website performs.

Quality Content

Content is one of the most valuable assets on your website. It helps visitors research a product or service and allows you to empathise with their scenario.

Our professional writers can populate your website with branded, high quality content which engages customers, drives traffic and builds brand. Your content has truly helped the customer, so guess who they will turn to when it’s time to hire?

High performance

Since the rise of the smartphone, and mobile devices, performance matters more than ever, these devices mostly being stuck on slow 3G connections and in all kinds of environments. Optimizing your website for speed and fast load times is crucial to providing great customer experience. We optimize our code, smush our images and understand what makes a high performance website.

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