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“Best design in the sector”

“Later Life Solutions is the best design in the sector”, so says the company’s MD, John Varley. John’s most fantastically awesome comments are echoed by customers, care providers and industry professionals alike.

Compliments continue to shower down since DifferentGood transformed LLS into a sector leading web presence and brand.

The Brief

Project Overview

Client: Later Life Solutions


  • Help individuals and family members seeking guidance on care funding
  • Educate the user
  • Ease them towards contacting Later Life Solutions


  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Website Design
  • Strategic Content Design

User Persona

Getting To Know The User

When one is staring down the barrel of a sizeable project, it is most advisable to start at the beginning. So it was that a thorough User Research Phase was embarked upon to cast light on key elements of LLS’ target audience.

Who would LLS be communicating with? What was their age, gender, mindset and assets? Once the dust settled, a User Persona emerged. All design decisions from that point on would be made with reference to the defined User.

Understanding The User’s Scenario

  • The User or a family member requires care
  • The situation is emotionally charged
  • The user and family members tour the care home of their choice
  • The facility costs £33,000 per annum
  • Like most people, they don’t have sufficient natural income to fund this
  • A slurry of questions bubble to the surface, they are looking for answers

Informantion Architecture

With the scenario defined, information architecture became the central focus. Addressing key questions in the collective conscience of our user and their family would increase the likelihood of the website being useful to them. Empathise, sympathise, tantalise.

With the high costings of care locked in their mind’s eye, a top down approach was adopted, starting with the key question, ‘how do I fund my care?’

A decision was then made to follow this frequently asked question thematic throughout the website, addressing pain points and common concerns relevant to the reader.

  • How do I fund my care?
  • Who Gets state support
  • Can I cover the costs?
  • Do I need power of attorney?
  • Can you help me?

This laid a solid pathway along which the prospect could be guided, building confidence and leading them towards a conversion.

Brand Design


Like a perfectly tailored suit, Later Life Solutions’ logo mark and branding was moulded to fit our User Persona.

Is Age But a Number?

User research brought to the fore a need to achieve a high level of trust. As such, we took the fine wine approach, ageing the brand to imbue it with well-established look and feel.

Later Life Solutions, a new company and brand in itself, is the sister company of FB Wealth Management – a financial advisory service with close to 100 years’ trading experience. The LLS brand brings together the old and new with seamless precision.

What’s your favourite colour?

In line with colour theory research, we painted the Later Life Solutions brand in relaxingly subtle pastels, reminiscent of autumn shades. Brand colours:

  • Natural fresh green
  • A burgundy warmth
  • A transition into cloudy shades of relaxing blue

Shapes & Symbology:

It was important that the main leaf shape represent familiarity to our User Persona. We choose the British Sycamore tree, or Acer pseudoplatanus. The Sycamore is a common tree on most english parks.

The autumn leaf coloring and size represent a life cycle. Starting with a fresh green leaf, transitioning to warming family life burgundy, through to the calming blue indicating the later life experience.

The logo takes residence on a white background, the white space creating a sense of calm, relaxation, clinical clarity.

The Visuals:

Visually, the website is designed to push the content to the fore. A minimal approach with dashes of brand colours evoke a warm, reassured feeling, building confidence in the reader.

Importantly, the brand subtly frames the content allowing them to easily complete their key tasks: researching and educating themselves further as regards the complexities of care funding.

Great emphasis is placed on having a relaxed and calming environment for the user to research and understand their options. There is purposely lots of white space around most page elements further portraying the relaxed feeling.

Voice design

Voice Design

The Later Life Solutions’ brand voice is designed to appeal and talk direct to the user.

Active voice: Avoid the sales approach. In an emotionally charged situation, the User needs to be clealry and consiley educated as to their situation and available options.

Character / persona:

Inspiring / authoritative / warm / reassuring

Like this:

Later Life Solutions’ team of care advisers will help you achieve peace of mind through clear and concise care advice

Not like this:

Later Life offers fantastic value and cutting-edge services to those in need care advice.


Personal / professional / honest / trustworthy / knowledgeable

Like this:

Care in later life, whether for yourself or relatives, can be a complex and stressful issue

Not like this:

We have the best care advisers in the world. Don’t miss out on our limited time care advice offers.


Simple / direct / guiding

Like this:

Our professionalism is matched by a passion to advise and implement care solutions which help you flourish in later life.

Not like this:

Care solutions such as equity release can help you acquire adequate funds to invest in your care.



Typography is a key part of the LLS brand. The brand itself, which is only in its infancy, exudes a deliberately established feel.

Heading Font

The heading font is Fertigo Pro: a traditional serif with a modern twist. Fertigo pro comprises subtle serifs and curvature, growing on the reader over time.

Body Font

The body copy font is Arial. This was introduced for clarity and afresh feeling. The duality between the old and the new taps directly into the User’s family dynamic, giving a broad enough appeal to whet the appetites of siblings and parents alike.

Visual Impariments

Legibility was of high importance given the likelihood of visual impairments on the part of our key users. As such, the fonts are soft, friendly and easy to read.

Content Mangement System

The Later Life Solutions website was implemented with a Content Management System. This is an administrative area that allows the company full control and power over the management of the content across the website.

This was of key importance given how in the financial services sectors laws and thresholds regularly change and therefore need updating on the website.

The CMS provided an equally important foundation upon which DifferentGood would market Later Life Solutions’ online presence through ongoing content creation.

Regular content and helpful information attracts traffic and qualified leads and the CMS is adept at handling multiple categories of information to an editorial calendar.

Conversion Planning

A main call to action designed into the Later Life Solution’s website is a free consultation. This is an offer to help customers understand their options and sit down with a professional completely free of charge.

Free is always good but, as with anything on the web, trust and engagement first needs to be built to entice the user to undertake this call to action.

The LLS Free Consultation badge was designed with this in mind, its official badge-like aesthetics reinforcing the trust and officiality of the offering

A reward metaphor was also built into the call to action. When the User clicks on the ‘free consultation button’ the badge is transformed from greyed out inactive state into an active state. With one click, Later Life Solutions’ brand colours bleed through, thereby enforcing a visual reward upon the User.

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