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“Wow, 200% more leads in a year” – John Reynolds

John Reynolds, managing director of Reynolds Training Services, is a hardworking safety trainer and entrepreneur. John is known for putting 200% effort into all he does. Finally, his incredible work ethic has been matched by a 200% lead increase.

Project Overview

Client: Reynolds Training Services


  • Improve Google placement for the keyphrase ‘Petroleum Training Courses’
  • Beat key competitors in Google
  • Increase leads
  • Increase conversions on the keyphrase


  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Monthly Content Package (regular SEO/user enhanced articles)
  • Distribution across social media, encourage in-links


It all started in the Spring of 2012 when RTS, a health and safety provider, decided to give Content Marketing a go. After eight short months of feeding their website monthly, high-quality, SEO enhanced articles, a compelling tale unfolds.

Flash forward to Christmas and the number of qualified leads through RTS’ website had increased by a whopping 200%. During this time, 190 qualified inquiry forms were submitted. Prior to the onset of Content Marketing, RTS had garnered zero leads through their website.

This was no immaculate conception. Success criteria was planned with the pinpoint accuracy of a military sniper. Key targets in the strategic crosshairs, included:

  • Helping managers in the petroleum sector find RTS
  • Feeding them with a healthy diet of useful content
  • Optimising the content for the keyphrase ‘petroleum training courses’

“What would 190 leads a year be worth to your business?” – Anthony Brewitt, Creative Director


As always, the proof is in the pudding. RTS now ranks atop of Google and the other main search engines for the keyphrase ‘petroleum training courses’.

Petroleum courses’ has also been acquired.

Each month, a number of ‘petroleum training courses’ articles found a new home on RTS’ website. Not only has this kept RTS’ website updated and fresh, the regularity of the content upload influenced search engines to prioritise these web pages above the online competition.

Two common themes run throughout:

  1. All content is optimised for ‘petroleum training courses’
  2. All content is optimised for the usage of the site manager.

Feed the search engines content and they’ll spit out customers.


A crucial part of the campaign has been the dissemination of content across an array of social media. This is triggering conversations, generating new leads back to RTS’ website and helping push the website up the search engines.


It’s a bit of a myth that more traffic equals more conversions. What really counts is the quality of traffic. The web is truly awesome as, with a bit of work, you can attract qualified leads to your website – the people who want to buy specifically what you are selling.

In the case of RTS, ‘petroleum training courses’ is a highly actionable keyphrase. Somebody typing this into Google is likely to be working in the sector and looking for a training provider.

The keyphrase establishes the individual user as a qualified lead even before they enter the website – cool.

objective a – top of google for keyword  
objective b – beat competitor
objective c – sector leading brand


Running parallel to the production of useful and useable SEO-enhanced pieces, equal success has been garnered from longer articles which drill down into the finer points of the industry.

These have caught the attention of BP, Cogent, NSAPI and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin among others, who have requested sharing RTS’ articles with their own client / customer bases.

When it comes to Content Marketing the pen, as they say, is truly mightier than the sword.

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