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“Truly great return On investment” – T.Magic

Project Overview

Client: T.Magic


  • Integrate social media to enhance brand storytelling
  • Create a dialogue between T.Magic and their customers
  • Create a resource for T.Magic customers
  • Build an ecommerce platform to take advantage of new regular readership


  • Content / Blog Marketing
  • Facility for customers to comment on resources and discuss T.Magic with other fans
  • Facilitate weekly content distribution with a typical blog layout
  • Create a user friendly ecommerce platform for selling T.Magic products

Content Marketing

Lauded London-based artist, T.Magic, is that rarest combination of talents: untethered creativity and commercial savvy. Mastering the art of good business online would be essential.

Back in the day, The T.Magic Agency found representation in a flash-based website: interactions and rollover effects showcasing products in style. As with most brands though, T.Magic found that fans weren’t hanging around for too long on the website. They were exiting the site without talking about or buying.

They needed to be engaged and T.Magic needed a voice.

The Art of Good Conversation

The art of any good conversation is understanding your audience. Knowing who you are talking to and what floats their boat gives any narrator a competitive advantage in wooing interests.

The environment in which we converse is also key.

So a Content Marketing Strategy was quickly rolled out. This defined the parameters of what was needed to spark an effective dialogue between T.Magic and his customers.

A number of decisive actions followed:

  1. The interactive flash website was replaced with a blog – in essence, T.Magic’s own social media platform. T.Magic fans now had a place to chat and discuss new product releases, events and updates.
  2. A User Persona was created to inform who T.Magic was writing to ensure all content would be designed to grab visitors’ attention, encourage conversation and repeat visits.
  3. An ongoing blog marketing plan was mapped out in line with his fans’ needs and desires.

Forming a human connection on a website is far from easy. In commercial terms though, it is more than worth the effort.

Blog Marketing Works

Since inception, the blog has been watered with a regular flow of content tailored to the T.Magic audience. The frequency of this content has kick started plenty of discussion and referability amongst fans.

Website visitorship continues to rise and, more importantly, customers are coming back time and time again.

Turning Talk into Profit

Once the Content Marketing kicked in and T.Magic reached a mass audience, the last piece of the puzzle was to create a platform to sell the product.

Step forth the creation of the T.Magic shop. This ecommerce system showcased the product, allowing the customer to pick their colour, size, add delivery details, then make payment online.

The ecommerce setup also helped T.Magic manage the sales process with an administrative area for product stock management and order tracking.

Now T.Magic had a captive audience and a means of selling and delivering.

“Once we launched the blog we had 80% more visitors. Then T.Magic online shop created a whole new income stream. I’m now preparing to reinvest in a redesign with DifferentGood” – T.Magic

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